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In Home Care:

I can’t THANK you all enough for your patience, understanding, and flexibility.  It gives us comfort that Mom and Dad are getting the support they need.



Hi Aldon.  I’m so glad we got this ball rolling earlier rather than later.  George and I spoke about how comfortable we feel with your agency and the service you are providing!



Aldon, Thank you for today.  I got to have lunch with my son, run errands, and go shopping without worrying about Mom.  When I got home, the laundry was done, and Mom was content.  I went upstairs early for me and am actually going to take a bath.  Wow! 



Talem assisted our family by helping us ensure that my father could spend his final days at home.  This final aspect of his life was very important to him.  We are grateful for the emotional and physical support we received from the caregivers at Talem.  Maura and Enjanik provided care at night so that we could rest and take care of my Dad during the day.  Maura notified me when Dad wanted to talk one night, and I will be forever grateful because that time with him turned out to be his last lucid moments.  Enjanik notified me on my Dad's last night that his breathing pattern was changing, which gave us time to all be with him and talk to him one more time.  My Dad was surrounded by his loved ones, in his home, for his final moments.  The assistance they provided us helped us feel that we gave Dad the very best care possible.  This type of reassurance is priceless when families must grieve and move on in life.  We can look back and know that we did everything in our power to provide comfort for our Dad.

Having a resource like Talem makes the kind of difference where a grieving family can focus on being together and being present with their ill family member.  Talem helped us decrease the stress that comes with sleep deprivation, which lead to healthier family interactions during the final stages of our beloved father/husband's life.

We found the staff employed by Talem, including the director, Aldon, to be very professional and compassionate.  Aldon was sure to be present at our house when introducing our first caregiver to our family.  In doing this, he ensured everyone felt comfortable with the arrangement.  Aldon answered all of my phone calls and texts in a timely manner, and he was very interested in meeting the needs of our family. 

Thank you Aldon and Talem for your professionalism and compassion.



I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you have done in just the past few short days to help mom find the right community!  Thank you again!  You guys are Angels!



I was referred to Talem Home Care while navigating a challenging health situation for a family member. I literally had no idea where to start or how to find the care we needed, so when I spoke with Shirley, Talem's Placement Manager, I was blown away by how much advice and expertise she offered. She helped me think through insurance, the type of care we needed, the facilities that offer that care, and more.  Beyond the practical advice, it is evident that Talem Home Care has a culture built on respectful, dignified, generous service.  When we need their services, we will absolutely go to Talem, because in our experience, they have demonstrated a very high level of care and have gained our trust.



Thank you so much for your very detailed follow-up up voice-mails and emails. Thank you again for taking so much time and sincere care to chat with me in great detail about Talem and our home care options in general.  When we have to make such arrangements in the future, we will be reaching out to Talem first.



I'm a current employee with Talem Home Care.  My experience as a caregiver has been both pleasant and inspiring. Talem Home Care is family oriented, professional, and very respectful to both employees and clients.  I would highly recommend this company if you are seeking great care for your loved ones or looking for employment.  It’s a 5-star company in my view!



Working for Talem has really made me feel excited to be a part of the team.  They are very clear about the needs of the client, and they ask me if I have any questions or concerns about taking on the client, which, in my opinion, is a great way to ensure I’m comfortable with providing the required care.  Talem offers caregiver training and a meet-and-greet with both the caregiver and the client to ensure that the care will be a success.