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The Latin word Talem can be translated to empower, lead, & achieve.

At Talem Home Care, we empower people to take control of their health and lead them though the complicated health care system so our patients can achieve their goal of staying independent and healthy at home for as long as possible.

Our Team

Jake Rankin - Founder/CEO

Home Care MilwaukeeAfter being in other industries for several years, I was unsatisfied.  Throughout college, I was involved with organizations that helped others and I wanted ed to get back to that. I had a conversation with my uncle, who was in healthcare and it resonated with me.  I decided if I was going to do something, why not do something that actually makes a difference. So, in 2003, I got my start in health care.   

My first job in healthcare was as a scheduler for a non-medical home care agency and I realized right away that my passion was in long-term care. I dedicated myself to learning everything possible to assist people who desire to stay home and remain independent.  Every company I worked for and every position I held only increased my experience and knowledge base and provided me with a well-rounded background that would help me to be more of an asset to my clients.

One day, I was forced to experience one thing no one wants to go through.  My mother had been battling health issues for years, but it had become serious.  Besides having to make extremely difficult life and death decisions for my mother, the biggest frustration was the lack of support I got from the healthcare staff.  Even for someone with a background like mine, trying to find resources and navigating the healthcare system was intensely frustrating and confusing.  It angered me and made me truly understand what my clients were going through.  It was this experience that pushed me to be even more dedicated to helping as many people as I could.

I started a consulting company with the goal of consulting smaller business owners who were in the long-term care industry. I helped them with their mission of providing quality care to those we serve.  I thought by helping other companies, I could have the greatest reach affecting the most people possible. 

It wasn't long though until my true passion came back to the surface.  One of my consulting clients saw my passion and suggested I start my own home care company.  This got me thinking if non-medical home care was where I started this must be where I needed to be.  With a little push and support from friends and family, I started Talem Home Care.

Aurora Crutcher - Office Manager/Owner
Mark Pietila - Administrator