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Tips For Developing New, Healthier Habits To Boost Your Quality of Life

There are many ways to ensure that your health is as good as it should be and boost your quality of life. In our industry- Home Health Care Services- maintaining our health is pretty important. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the easiest adjustments you can make to your life to be healthier and start to enjoy it more.
The Importance of Healthy Aging
The Importance of Healthy Aging

Walk for an hour a day

This is one of the biggest life improvements that you can make. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and one that most people can manage. It doesn’t matter how fast you walk or the distance that you cover, it is a good cardiovascular exercise that will help you to feel better and be healthier overall.

If you need help with motivation, consider planning walks with a friend, your partner, or a dog.  If you do not have a dog of your own, ask a neighbor to borrow theirs! Getting fresh air can feel invigorating, help you feel more awake and have more energy.  If an hour seems too long, start with taking two 15 minute walks a day and work up from there.

It is important to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routines to make sure you are healthy enough to do do, so be sure to do this first!


Appreciate the small pleasures

Take time to appreciate the little things in life that we often take for granted. The way the sun feels on your skin on a sunny summer day, the laughter of your children or grandchildren, and the smile of the person that you love, are all little pleasures that make life better and happier. Allowing yourself to be fully in the moment and to enjoy these moments to the fullest will help to enhance your quality of life.

Learn something new

Taking the time to learn something new, whether as a hobby or an academic pursuit can remind you that it is fun to exercise your mind and that it needs as much care as your body. Keeping your brain healthy is just as important as keeping your body in shape.


Consider taking a free class at the local library or find one online that you are interested in. There are some excellent online courses available these days on all manner of subjects. If you have always wanted to learn a new language, you can do so for free with the brilliant Duolingo phone app.


Develop better habits

On average, it takes 14 days of doing something consistently for it to become a habit, whether it is a good habit, or a bad one. The habits you develop can play either a positive or negative role in your life.

Try starting with something small, such as making yourself a healthy breakfast each morning. This will set you up for the day and begin to standardize your morning routine. Or, try to make it a habit to not eat after 8 pm, as this will aid both your digestive health and quality of sleep.

Before you know it, it will have become part of your normal routine and you can congratulate yourself for your new good habit!


Maintain regular sleep patterns

Ensuring that you go to bed at around the same time every night will aid your ability to fall asleep quickly and will train your body and mind to work together in more useful ways. A regular sleep pattern promotes health and allows for deeper and more peaceful sleep, as the mind adjusts to the regular rhythm. There is evidence to suggest that a regular cycle of sleep contributes to better mental health as well as feeling more refreshed and awake during the day.


Make time for friends

It can be easy in our busy lives to neglect spending time with friends, but this can be one of the healthiest and most stress-relieving things we can do. Continuing to participate in social activities, especially as we age, is healthy both mentally and physically.


By nature, humans are social animals. Isolation has been known to cause all sorts of problems. If you have a elder loved one that has become isolated, try to encourage them to make plans with you for lunch, or even just a visit.


Senior living communities are perfect environments for elderly adults to remain active and social, make friends and have fun. {Org name} works with most of the local Assisted living communities in {org city} and can help you find one that matches your loved ones needs, lifestyle and budget.


Talem Home Care Can Help

Talem Home Care helps people to remain independent and healthy at home for as long as possible through in-home care services, and by creating effective and innovative community-based long-term care support programs.


We also provide assistance with placement into Senior communities, assisted living, nursing homes and memory care communities, when remaining at home is no longer an option.


Additionally, we help you navigate the often complex healthcare system, offering our expertise, experience and guidance, empowering you to be able to make the best decisions possible.


Talem Home Care would like to offer you a free one-hour consultation to answer your questions about in home care options, life planning or assisted living communities for yourself, or a loved one. Please contact us at 720-664-8711 to schedule your complimentary consultation today, or visit us online at

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