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Archive for May 2015

Staying ‘Young’ with the Help of Positive Senior Care

Senior Care in Lakewood CO Feeling ‘young’ is a state of mind. Everyone basically knows that it’s impossible to stay younger, but with the right level of exercise, the right diet, and even positive care for the senior in your life, it’s possible that he or she could end up feeling younger than they do.…

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Sales 101 Training

This is an open invite to the public for anyone who would like to attend our training class. The class is FREE to anyone who wants to attend. The training class is for beginners who are still learning how to market health care in the Denver Metro Area. Or it is good for those marketing…

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Caregiving and EMS

Caregiver in Westminster CO You are taking care of your elderly family member, so that makes you a family caregiver. You may very well have a career that provides you an opportunity to assist them with some certain aspects in life, including paying bills, and more, but let’s talk about the prospect of an emergency…

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Battling Loneliness as Part of Your Elder Care Plan

Elder Care in Arvada CO Anyone who has caught a rerun of an old “Golden Girls” episode has seen how emotional support, socialization, and bonding can enhance the lives of adults over the age of 60. In this show, four women, including a mother and daughter, live together and use their close friendships to help…

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