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Archive for January 2016

5 Natural Ways Seniors Can Boost Endorphins and Feel Great

Senior Care in Littleton, CO Endorphins are very important neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, that reduce human’s feeling of pain and boost feelings of pain. Endorphins are released by the brain in times of stress or pain to help comfort the body. The release of endorphins can also be triggered by certain foods or activities, giving…

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Company News from Talem Home Care

We at Allay Home Care what to let all of our partners out there that help seniors like we do that we are going through a rebranding or name change if you will. Beginning January 1st, we have enacted a company name change.  Our new company name will be Talem Home Care, moving forward.  We…

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Health Food Myths Vs. Reality

Elder Care in Denver Metro Area, CO For many elderly adults and their caregivers, the new year is a great time to make the resolution to eat a healthier diet. However, eating healthy food and making positive changes to your diet are big challenges that can actually be made harder by all of the myths…

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