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Archive for February 2016

Does Your Loved One Have Vision Problems and Memory Issues?

Senior Care in Highlands Park CO If your loved one already has memory issues or dementia, you probably already know how difficult regular daily tasks can be. Having problems with his vision can complicate the problem. Some studies also link eye health and memory issues, which could mean that there’s even more at stake with…

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4 Tips to Help a Loved One Who Has High Uric Acid Levels

Caregivers in Centennial CO As a family caregiver, it’s frightening to hear that your elderly loved one has test results that are outside of normal ranges. One such result that might confuse you more than others is a uric acid level that is higher than normal. This is important because uric acid can build up…

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Home Care Tips: Oral Care for Seniors with Dementia

Home Care in Aurora CO Proper oral care is one of the most important elements of maintaining good overall health and wellbeing, but like most things, if you are on a home care journey with a senior who is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, making sure that she gets the correct…

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