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Home Care Tips: Cyber Monday Safety

Home Care in Lakewood, CO

Home-Care-in-Lakewood-COAs Thanksgiving comes to a close many people are already thinking about Black Friday, that infamous day of shopping meant to kick off a successful holiday season for the retailers and that often pits masses of shoppers against each other in the early morning hours so that a lucky few can snatch deep discounts on coveted gift items for the upcoming holidays. Even after Friday ends and the holiday weekend finishes up, however, holiday bargain hunters have not seem the last of the shopping. November 30, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is Cyber Monday, a day dedicated to hitting the internet for even more holiday sales.

Cyber Monday is a fantastic opportunity for your elderly loved ones to still get in on the fun of holiday shopping and stretching their budget without having to brave the busy stores or the cold weather. It is also a chance for their home care provider to be a helpful and supportive part of their shopping experience.

If your parents are ready to use technology to their advantage this holiday season and get in on the fun of Cyber Monday, share these tips with them to make their cyber shopping experience successful and safe:

• Research the sales. Just like brick and mortar retailers have extensive marketing campaigns to advertise their upcoming Black Friday sales, most online retailers will start announcing their Cyber Monday discounts a few days to even a couple of weeks in advance. Pay attention to these announcements and make notes of the items that your parents are interested in purchasing so that they know what to go for when the sales begin.

• Think reputable. Just because it has a website does not mean that a business is reputable. Make sure that your seniors stick to the official sites of well-known brands and stores and the big online marketplaces when it comes to their shopping needs. This can help prevent potential financial fraud as well as frustration from shipping delays, product shortages, and other problems.

• Read the fine print. Make sure that your loved ones read all of the information and details about every deal that interests them so that they know what they are really getting themselves in to. Some sales sound amazing until you read the fine print and realize that there is a product minimum, the discount is only good on certain models or colors, or it is only available for a very small window of time.

• Go crafty. Do not be so quick to overlook independent sellers such as crafters and artisans on sites such as Etsy. These sellers often host Cyber Monday sales as well as they are a fantastic source for creative, unique, and meaningful gift items.

• Be safe. As with any time you are doing online shopping, be extremely cautious about your parents’ payment information. This may be a good opportunity to invest in some gift cards ahead of time. If your parents know in advance what stores they want to shop in online, having them purchase gift cards not only secures their budget, it ensures that they are not putting their credit card information out into the world.

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