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Technology for Seniors

In the past, technology for seniors has been met with hesitation, but advancing technologies can make it easier for older generations to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Today’s technology companies can make just about anything “smart”, such as phones, clocks, and even ovens! Let’s look at some of these smart home tools:

Pill reminder

MedMinder medication reminder

MedMinder is medicine reminder/dispenser. When it is pill time, MedMinder will flash, followed by a sound alert, then it will call the user. If the pill(s) are still not removed, it will call, text, or email a chosen caregiver. It can also include a medical alert button which allows the user to call their emergency monitoring center for help.

• A new product called, Inirv, monitors stove activity and can automatically turn it off if smoke is detected or if there has been no motion for an extended period of time. It works with a sensor hub, smart knobs that will fit onto any stove, and an app. This can really give users a sense of safety!

Technology for seniors

Amazon Echo, Google Home

• There are also a handful of products on the market that were designed for the general population but can benefit seniors who want to stay in their own homes. Amazon Echo and Google Home are great tools for independent seniors; you can set regular reminders, easily get daily information such as date & time, weather and news, turn your lights off and on, make phone calls, play music, and so much more. Computers, tablets, and touch phones can be difficult for seniors to use and accessing the internet simply by speaking can be a big help.

There’s no reason to fear technology for seniors! There are advances every day that will make life easier for everyone so, no matter what age you are, don’t be afraid to find solutions through technology.