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June is National Safety Month

It’s National Safety Month, a time to focus on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities. This post is going to focus on what we can do to make our homes safer. There are so many unexpected ways to get hurt in your home and we hope we can give a few prevention tips that will help in your home.

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Rugs can make a beautiful accent to any room, but they can also be a tripping hazard. It’s surprisingly easily to get your foot caught under a rug or for the rug to slip across the floor. There are many products that can help prevent a rug from bunching up or slipping. Duck Brand makes “Hold-It For Rugs”, which adheres to the bottom of the rug, has a non-slip latex material that holds the rug to the floor, and is safe for hardwood floors. A similar product called, Ruggies, sticks to the bottom of a rug but has suction pockets that grip the floor and holds it in place, and is also safe for hardwood floors. A different type of product that can help is a non-slip area rug pad.

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Getting up from a seated position can be a difficult task at an older age, but there are ways to make it easier and help avoid injury in the process. Chair lift recliners are a great for comfort and ease. These chairs are controlled by remote and automatically lift you into a standing position and when you want to sit down, they take you down slowly. There are also seat assist chair lifts that are a more budget-friendly option. These assist lifts work on the same idea of offering extra support while slowly moving you into a seated or standing position, and there are both electronic and pressure-powered options.

There are also basic changes you can make around the house to help keep you and your loved ones a little safer. Removing clutter from the floor like toys, shoes, clothing, pet supplies, etc. Anything on the floor is a tripping hazard, especially in small spaces like hallways or bathrooms. Ensuring that all rooms have sufficient lighting will also make it easier to avoid trips, slips, or bumping into furniture. Wearing non-slip socks, slippers, and shoes is a great way to keep you on your feet!

During this National Safety Month, please think about the home you live in and if it needs any safety solutions. Being prepared and aware is important in keeping you and your loved ones safe from unexpected accidents. For more information on keeping safe, visit