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Keeping Your Loved Cool This Summer

Discover essential tips to keep seniors cool and safe during extreme summer heat, and how home care services can provide needed support.
Home care can help seniors stay cool in hot weather.
Home care can help seniors stay cool in hot weather.

Summer is here and in many parts of the country this year, it has returned in full strength with record-breaking temperatures spanning the country from coast to coast. While most everyone is happy to see the cold days of winter long gone, summer can present another serious risk for seniors – heat-related health concerns.

Many seniors and younger individuals cannot tolerate extreme heat, and some medications can make it even more difficult for their bodies to regulate internal temperatures when the outside temps are soaring.

While many people and home care providers take precautions when they are outside in the extreme heat, did you know that just being inside and out of the direct sun is not always enough when temperatures soar into the 90s or 100s? Your loved one needs to have a cool place to stay to reduce the risk of heat stroke and other ailments brought on by prolonged exposure to the heat.

Here are five ways to keep your loved one cool when the heat is high and how home care services can help. 


Relocate Temporarily

If your loved one does not have air conditioning where she lives, plan for her to stay with family or friends while the worst of the heat wave is occurring. Having fans blowing hot air around a room is not enough to keep her cool.


Outings to Places with Air Conditioning

If there aren’t family members to spend an overnight with, help her plan longer daytime outings to air-conditioned venues like shopping malls or movie theaters. Her home care team can help by providing rides to senior centers to spend the day at or other nicely air-conditioned indoor areas.


Sleep Near the Air Conditioning

Even if your loved one has air conditioning, it may feel like it’s not doing enough to keep the home cool. If she has a window air conditioner in the living room that doesn’t reach the bedroom, consider having her home care team help her set up a sleeping area in the living room until things cool off outside.

This can be a little disorienting at night, so make sure the home care team does everything possible to ensure there is enough light to see at night and no tripping hazards around from moving furniture into new places.


Limit the Use of Stove or Oven

If your loved one lives in a smaller apartment or living space, consider putting a hold on using the stove for a while. A hot stove can quickly heat a small area, making it more difficult to cool down. Her home care provider can help by assisting her in creating cooler meals like salads, and sandwiches. And this is definitely a great time of the year to have ice cream for dessert!


Wear Appropriate Clothing

Make sure your loved one is wearing appropriate clothing. Tight-fitting clothing can trap heat against the body, so she should have lightweight, loose clothing and breathable shoes that still provide the support she needs. You or her b provider can also help her shop for clothing specifically created to help the body stay cool – cotton and linen are both great choices.


Staying cool in extreme heat can be daunting, and your loved one may be concerned about electric bills if she turns up her air conditioning too much. If the fear of not being able to pay her electric bills is keeping her from keeping her home as cool as it should be, make sure to look into financial assistance in your area. There are plenty of organizations out there that can provide some assistance, and her home care team may also have some helpful resources.



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