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Our Services

As a home care and placement services company, we want to be the one place people can turn to get the answers they need.  We want to be a trusted advisor and a resource center for those who do not know where to go.  Over our 20 years in this industry, we have been recognized for providing unmatched support and value and for creating effective, quality, and innovative community-based long-term care support programs for the community we serve.

We recognize that our staff, with all their hard work and dedication, is the single most important key to our success and we strive every day to find better ways to support and show appreciation towards our staff. Our employees enjoy a family-friendly office environment that offers flexibility in a low stress, low-pressure environment. This in turn, allows our clients to experience the best in customer service.

Assistance Bathing, Toileting, & Dressing
Cueing & Reminders of Daily Living
Transferring Assistance
Turning & Repositioning
Cooking & Feeding Help
Medication Reminders
Safety Monitoring & Supervision
Assistance with Walking & Mobility
Light Housekeeping
Pet Care
Errands & Transportation

Our Specialty Care Services

Home Care Services by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

Talem offers in-home hourly assistance to elderly individuals who may require help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, and medication management.

Veteran Care at Home by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

Are you a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran? We can help! We provide veterans’ home care via the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit. Learn more about how this program can help you or your aging veteran stay at home longer.

Assisted Living at Home by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

Post-discharge home care, from Talem Home Care & Placement Services can help assist seniors in returning to their homes to begin their recuperation. This care is sometimes referred to as post-surgery home care or hospital-to-home care.

Care Management Services by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

This is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive needs.

Top Home Care by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

Over our 15 years of experience and countless hours of research, Talem Home Care has created an evidence-based care transition program we like to call our Coming Home Program. 

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

Caring for a loved one with Dementia or Alzheimer’s can be a difficult challenge for anyone. At Talem Home Care, we provide passionate, understanding, and flexible caregivers to meet your  needs.

Brain Fitness by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

Being active socially and intellectually engaged can significantly benefit our loved one’s brain, body, and mental well-being. This also directly impacts helping the elderly cope with anxiety and eliminate isolation.

End of Life Care & Support by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

This care helps not only those facing death, but also their families who are experiencing the trauma and grief of the impending loss. It can provide them with much-needed emotional and practical support.

Senior Housing Location Services by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

We research the different types of senior housing options, so seniors and their families can make informed decisions that best suit their needs and budget while ensuring comfort and safety.

Chronic Care Management by Talem Home Care & Placement Services

 Home care can be a great way for individuals to manage their chronic illness and receive assistance in day to day living. Home care can provide a variety of services that can help with the management of chronic illnesses.

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