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Making Stairs Safer for Seniors

Aging affects physical abilities, making tasks like climbing stairs difficult for seniors, highlighting the need for proactive safety measures and companion care services.
Companion care can help aging seniors safely navigate stairs in their homes.
Companion care can help aging seniors safely navigate stairs in their homes.

An unfortunate part of aging is how our bodies and physical capabilities change. These changes make some daily tasks more difficult, including climbing stairs. This is a significant issue, as many seniors have to navigate stairs on a daily basis, both inside and outside of their houses. Even with companion care services by their side to provide support, seniors and their loved ones still need to take action sooner rather than later to make stairs safer.


Why Are Stairs Challenging for Seniors?

Growing older can have an impact on balance and coordination, making it more difficult to stay stable when going up or down stairs. This instability makes falls more likely. Due to changes in muscular strength, raising the body with each step can also be more challenging, which may result in seniors feeling tired. Add this to any joint or additional mobility issues they have, and it becomes evident why stairs are more difficult to navigate with age.

Even when seniors don’t struggle with these issues, other factors might be at play, such as low vision and cognitive decline, which impair their memory of their home’s layout and their ability to judge distances.


Strategies to Improve the Safety of Steps

As mentioned earlier, companion care providers can help support seniors on the stairs to ensure their safety, especially when navigating them out in the community. In their homes, however, it’s important to incorporate strategies that not only make stairs safer but also give seniors more confidence. Some of these strategies include the following:

  • Attach Railings to Both Sides: Sturdy railings on either side of the stairs offer stability and support. Loved ones should make sure the handrails are comfortable to grasp and reach the entire height of the steps.
  • Enhance Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial. For increased convenience and safety, install bright lights at the top and bottom of the steps and think about installing motion-sensor lights as well.
  • Add Non-Slip Treads: Loved ones and companion care providers can drastically lower seniors’ chances of slipping by placing non-slip treads or strips on each step. Make sure to use materials that offer good grip in damp conditions if the stairs are on the exterior of the house.
  • Keep Steps Clutter-Free: Make sure there are no obstructions or clutter on the steps by removing items and checking frequently to ensure nothing has been left on them.
  • Mark the Edges: It might be easier for seniors to distinguish between one step and the next if loved ones add reflective tape or contrasting colors to each step. This is particularly helpful for seniors with low vision.


Why Does Stair Safety Matter?

Not only does making the stairs safe lower the risk of injury, but it also allows seniors to move freely in their homes. Doing so results in a better quality of life and gives them a sense of independence and comfortability in their homes.

Additionally, it lowers stress and worry associated with using the stairs. Plus, if the only shower is upstairs, seniors will be better able to manage their hygiene when they can safely climb the stairs. Either way, companion care services provide extra support and safety for seniors aging in their homes.


Due to changes in their physical capabilities, vision, and cognitive abilities, seniors often struggle with stairs. However, companion care providers and loved ones can work together to make the necessary changes and support seniors so they feel safe using stairs in their homes and communities.



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