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September is Safety Awareness Month

When it comes to senior safety, there are a lot of precautions that you can take. You’ve heard the old saying “prevention is better than cure.” It’s true for accidents too.
The Importance of Healthy Aging
The Importance of Healthy Aging

You’ve heard the old saying, “prevention is better than cure.” It’s true for accidents too. When it comes to senior safety, there are a lot of precautions that you can take.

These ten tips may seem simple, but they are easy to follow and will help to ensure your safety as a senior citizen living independently in the community. These tips will help you navigate throughout your day.

1.) Walking Paths
Ensure adequate space for safe passage between and within all rooms. Make sure hallways, stairs, and walking paths are well-lit and free of objects such as books, shoes, or pets.

2.) Watch Your Rugs
Remove rugs, repair frayed carpeting, and tape or tack down the loose carpet to protect it from slipping and falling.

3.) Avoid Loose Fitting Clothing
For safety reasons, wear close-fitting sleeves when cooking. Loose or long sleeves often result in accidental food spills and burns.

4.) Wear Nonslip Footwear
To prevent slips on smooth surfaces, it is recommended that seniors wear slippers with rubber bottoms and choose sensible shoes.


5.) Don’t Leave Cords Lying On The Ground

Always secure all loose cords to appliances and other items, so you don’t lose your balance and trip.


6.) Keep An Eye Out For Your Dog

If you live with pets, train them to avoid walking in front of your path. This will prevent a pet from accidentally getting underfoot and causing you to trip


7.) Be Careful In The Shower And Tub

Install a safety strip or non-skid mat in the bathtub, shower, and other bathroom areas to prevent slips. Use a professionally installed grab bar instead of a towel rack for support in the shower.


8.) Hold Your Handrails

No matter your age, using the railing and banister is always a good idea when going up or down stairs.

9.) When Using Oxygen Safe Should Be A Priority

Do not smoke or use an open flame while using oxygen.


10.) Use Adaptive Equipment

Adapting your house with safety features like raised toilet seats and tub benches can help you avoid falls.


Home safety for seniors is checking with your loved ones and regularly assessing the home for potential hazards. By taking the time to provide a safe home for your elderly loved one, you can encourage them to live a healthy and empowered life at home, where to want to stay.


Talem Home Care is here to help you when you can’t be there. Feel free to contact our office at 860-530-4449 to schedule your free Home Safety Assessment.

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