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When Should a Senior Think About Assisted Living?

Assisted Living

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to make hard choices. Sometimes those difficult decisions involve relationship challenges, changing a career, moving, and the list is almost endless. When people reach a certain age, they need to seriously consider what they are capable of and whether they may need some type of elder care in the future.

There are numerous types of elder care available, including assisted living. Unfortunately, many Americans have misconceptions about what assisted living is and what it offers. Too often they think of assisted living as giving up their independence and autonomy.

In truth, a quality assisted living community is designed to help maximize quality of life for those aging men and women who either have difficulty with Activities of Daily Living or who simply don’t want to be burdened by the rigors of cleaning, maintaining a home, preparing meals, and much more.

Some seniors look to assisted living as a way to help them reconnect with friends, be surrounded by peers their own age, and still be able to make choices about the things they participate in, do, and pursue.

Are there indicators that seniors should be aware of to start thinking about assisted living?

Not specifically. A person who is fully capable of taking care of themselves may decide that assisted living sounds like the better option because they feel more isolated and lonely these days. A person who is living alone and is in their 70s or 80s can quickly and easily feel isolated, especially if close friends have moved away, passed away, or they are unable to visit with them as frequently as they would like.

Other elderly men and women look to elder care when they struggle with certain aspects of daily life. This could involve having trouble getting up in the morning, taking a shower safely, or even getting dressed.

An elderly senior who owns a home and lives alone might have trouble keeping their walkways clear in the winter, brushing leaves off their front porch, or keeping up with the bills with rising costs associated with heating or cooling.

There could be a number of reasons why aging men and women look to assisted living. If there is an elderly person in your life, somebody you care about, who you think would benefit from assisted living, are there any starting points you could focus on that may help them begin thinking of this more seriously?

What are they doing during their days?

Are they active? More specifically and importantly, are they as active as they would like to be? Some seniors may view themselves as being quite active, but most seem to slow down with age and physical challenges.

If you notice your loved one — either a mother, father, or other individual — seeming morose, lamenting about what they can’t do, the things they wish they could still be doing, this might be the perfect opportunity to encourage them to consider assisted living, either for the first time or once again.

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