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What Are the Signs That it’s Time to Transition to a Memory Care Facility?

Finding the right time for a memory care facility can be challenging for families of those with progressive illnesses, but senior housing and placement services can provide guidance.
Senior housing & placement services can help families know when their loved ones need memory care.
Senior housing & placement services can help families know when their loved ones need memory care.

Progressive illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are extremely challenging. For family caregivers, there comes a time when the level of care necessary is just too much. At that point, it could be time to look for a memory care facility. But how does the family know for sure?

Working with senior housing & placement services can help families feel more certain about when it’s time to make the change.


Progressive Cognitive Decline

For many seniors, the biggest indication that memory care is necessary is a progressive decline in cognitive functioning. This could mean that the individual experiences greater loss of memory, increased confusion, or more trouble with decisions. There may also be increased challenges with daily activities like dressing, bathing, and preparing meals. Because of the cognitive decline, seniors may need much more assistance and supervision.


Safety Concerns

When families are increasingly worried about safety issues, a memory care facility could be the answer. The types of safety concerns seniors with cognitive illnesses face can vary. Seniors with memory issues could be at a higher risk of wandering away, getting lost, taking a fall, or experiencing any number of other safety issues. Making the move to a memory care facility ensures that seniors with cognitive illnesses have around-the-clock monitoring and supervision that helps them stay safer.


Increased Behavioral Changes

Memory impairment also leads to other issues. Seniors with dementia and related illnesses often experience behavioral changes that make caregiving much more difficult to manage. Changes like increased agitation, frustration, and confusion are much easier for experts to manage in a memory care facility. Specialists at memory care facilities are better equipped to put solutions in place for these concerns.


Declining Physical Health

Another issue that people with cognitive illnesses face is declining physical health. This can happen because of other health issues or the cognitive illness progresses. As cognitive illnesses gradually worsen, family caregivers find it more difficult to meet physical care needs. Issues like dehydration, poor nutrition, and unintended weight loss become more problematic. Memory care facilities are better equipped to help with these concerns.


Caregiver Burnout

Caring for someone with a cognitive illness is not easy, to say the least. Caregiver burnout is a common issue and the risk increases as the senior’s needs increase. Family caregivers want to be there and handle everything for the people they love, but eventually, this just isn’t possible. Making the transition to a memory care facility offers relief for family caregivers and reassures them that their aging family member is in good hands.


So many different factors can contribute to the decision to move a family member to a memory care facility. Working with senior housing & placement services helps ensure families find the right new home for the seniors they love. Senior housing & placement services experts can also help families learn when it’s time to make a move, especially if they’ve been holding back and waiting for the perfect time.



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