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When the Act of Caring for an Aging Veteran Gets to Be Too Much, In-Home Care Is an Option

In-Home Care

Janet had been caring for her elderly father, Ryan. He had served during the Vietnam War. He had a few emotional challenges to deal with when he returned stateside, but beyond that, he was a relatively well-adjusted husband, father, and friend.

When he became a widower at 75, Janet worried what might happen in the years ahead. He was an independent individual, somebody who was reluctant to ask for help or even intimate that he was struggling in some area of life, especially one he often considered a “man’s job.”

Even though his mentality may have been a bit antiquated, it was a product of his upbringing, his military service, and his pride. Eventually, though, he did ask Janet for help. Janet had three sisters and a brother, but they had all moved away a long time ago. They lived across the country, many hours away.

She took it upon herself to be his primary support, a family caregiver. She always had it in mind that this would be her responsibility, and she was okay with it. As time went on, though, she noticed a pattern developing; he was asking for more help, and then more and more and more.

Eventually, Janet burned out.

It reached a point when it seemed as though every time she was stopping by to get him something, bring him somewhere, or help him do something, they were arguing. He was getting nasty with her. He was lashing out and she was beginning to yell back.

She didn’t want this to be her life with him. She did not want things to change, at least not in this negative sense or direction. She was worried about how she would remember him, what he would say next, or even about the things she was giving up in her own life.

That’s when she heard about Aid and Attendance benefits.

Ryan was on a fixed income. Even though Janet’s mother worked most of her adult life, her pension didn’t carry over to Ryan when she passed away. Neither did her Social Security benefits. Her father’s monthly income from his own pension and sparse investments was just enough to survive. There was no way he could afford in-home care on his own.

But she heard about Aid and Attendance, a pension made available through the VA. She knew he was a wartime veteran, so his time of service would qualify him for this. She also knew he would easily get a recommendation from his doctor for in-home care services, considering how much he leaned on her for help.

What she didn’t realize at first was she could continue working with him, if she wanted, and he could pay her for that support with those Aid and Attendance funds. However, she wanted to focus on their relationship, not continuing down this difficult, stressful road with him.

She helped him fill out the application, they submitted it, and he was approved, ultimately receiving about $2,000 a month for in-home care services, which made a world of difference for both of them and their relationship.

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