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How to Feel Less Isolated as a Senior Aging In Place

Seniors aging in place can avoid loneliness and isolation through companion care services that provide social interaction and transportation to events, enhancing their connection with family and community.
Companion care can help seniors establish regular routines and activities to combat loneliness.
Companion care can help seniors establish regular routines and activities to combat loneliness.

Staying at home most of the week is one of those things that happens when a senior chooses to age in place, but this can also lead to extreme loneliness and isolation. Luckily, there are a lot of things a senior can do to feel less socially isolated, and they will still have a lot of transportation options even if they do not drive anymore. Companion care services can truly help your senior loved one stay social by being a friend and building rapport but also taking them to events to be social and keeping them in touch with family members more easily.

Here are some other ways seniors can feel less socially isolated while they age in place and how companion care can help.


Create a Virtual Visit With Family

It can be hard to visit your senior loved one if you live far away from them. So, between visits, you should aim to Facetime or video chat with your elderly mom or dad at least once a week. If you are unsure what their schedules are, this is a chance to talk to the companion care provider and find out when is the best time to get some face time with them.

You can also help them stick with a routine by video chatting with them once a week at the same time so they know when to expect your calls. This can be one of the best ways to maintain a relationship as they get older, see them as physically as you can, and understand any health concerns they may have.


Find a Book Club

Not all seniors can move as easily as they used to, and that can make it hard for them to do things and leave them feeling socially isolated. However, one of the best things for seniors to do is join a book club. These groups typically get together once a month over breakfast or lunch, and they sit and talk about books they have read and enjoyed and then choose a new book for the month. This is an easy activity that many people can enjoy.

Companion care at home services can even help give seniors rides to these activities and help them get to the library and find books for the month.


Write Letters to a Pen Pal

Sometimes, being social does not even need to involve leaving the house. If a senior has a long-distance friend or has someone they know overseas, this can be a good chance to write to them. There may even be a program that can connect them with others who need someone to write to. There are tons of pen pal programs that can help a senior meet new people, write to them, and connect. This is a good way to fill the time, talk things out, and even learn something new from people.


Watch a Movie With Family

If you get the chance to visit your elderly mom or dad they may not want to do very much. There are still things you can do and you can be in their presence which can give them the feeling of being together with you. Start watching a movie or TV show with your loved one that is something you watch together only.



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