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How Can You Best Help an Aging Parent Prepare for a Move to Assisted Living?

Making a transition in life can be difficult. Let’s look at a few ways you can be a great help during this potentially difficult time.
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Making a transition in life can be difficult. That’s true of any age, perhaps more so for men and women of advancing years. What’s going to make it even tougher is when that aging senior isn’t all that excited about the move.

Assisted living is arguably the best elder care option for most aging men and women, though too many Americans have the wrong idea about it. They simply don’t understand enough about assisted living and often confuse it with other types of elder care.

In truth, when a senior has difficulty keeping their home clean, preparing meals, getting dressed, taking a shower, keeping track of prescription medications, and so much more, they need help, and on a regular basis. That’s why assisted living is such a wonderful option to consider.
But, when you have your elderly mother or father — or both — preparing to make this move to assisted living, is there anything you can really do to help? The short answer is: absolutely. Let’s look at a few ways you can be a great help during this potentially difficult time. Remember, it’s only ‘difficult’ simply because change is rarely ever easy for anyone, regardless of age.

Focus on the positives.
Placement Services in Franklin WI: Many times, seniors who are making this transition in life see the negatives. They think of it as a loss of independence. They think of it as the final transition to the end of their life. That’s not what assisted living has to be all about.

It’s about helping aging men and women live as independently as possible in a safe, warm, comfortable environment. There are often activities, entertainment, and fellowship that are the cornerstones of a quality assisted living community. Focus on these.

Find out what activities, what things — arts, crafts, music, etc. — your loved one may have given up or never really tried before in their life that this specific assisted living community may offer, at least to some degree. Then, keep focusing on those things they will finally be able to do.

Help them downsize.
Whether the senior lives in a small one-bedroom or studio apartment or large house, they will, most likely, have to downsize to some degree. This means getting rid of some furniture, items, mementos, and much more.

Help them organize where they would like certain items to go, whether to family or friends, to be donated, or to other areas or places or people.

Help them prepare for this move by finding out exactly what space they’ll have, what furniture they will need (if any) and what limitations are placed by the assisted living facility on what he or she can bring with them.

Encourage them to talk about their doubts, fears, or even excitement.
Some people tend to keep things to themselves, especially if they believe what they have to say will be ignored. Instead, as this move approaches, encourage them to talk about these things. Ask questions. Be ready to listen.

Avoid judgment or trying to tell them not to worry. Avoid the temptation to tell them that everything will be okay. Let time speak for itself. Simply just listen. That, by itself, is often enough to help aging seniors feel more comfortable with this difficult transition in life.

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