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Spousal Care, Even Among Veterans, Can Lead to Burnout

In-Home Care: Spousal Care Burnout in Brookfield, WI
In-Home Care: Spousal Care Burnout in Brookfield, WI

Veterans are often known as fiercely independent, protective men and women. They often join the military for a variety of reasons, but primarily to protect their country, their loved ones, and their friends. As they get older, just like anyone else, they will need some type of support along the way.

Whether it’s the veteran himself or herself or their spouse who needs support, for somebody in their 70s or 80s, that can take a significant toll on their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Spousal care can take so much out of you, especially for seniors. In-home care is a great option, including for veterans, but what about for those who don’t think they can afford it?

An elderly spouse who takes on the great responsibility of supporting and caring for their loved one can get burned out. Spousal care burnout has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you love that other person. It only has to do with your physical, mental, and emotional limits.


Why do people tend to push beyond their limits?

Most of the time, people assume that love is enough to keep them going. They simply overestimate their physical or emotional abilities to handle extreme challenges as life marches on. Or they underestimate how difficult it is to care for someone full-time.

Just because a person may have served in the military, was extremely disciplined much of their life, doesn’t mean they can’t get burned out. So, how does a veteran or his or her spouse avoid caregiver burnout?


Rely on in-home care support.

In-home care is a great option for aging men and women, veterans and others. When one spouse — or both — needs some type of assistance with Activities of Daily Life (ADLs), turning to their partner for the primary assistance can wear them down, especially if they, too, are well into their 70s or 80s.

Professional in-home care is the best option. An in-home care aide can assist with bathing and toileting, getting dressed, taking the person out to the stores, to run errands, and do a host of other things that many others younger men and women still take for granted.


What if the aging veteran can’t afford in-home care?

If they are considered a wartime veteran, somebody who served at least one day of their active duty service during a time of “official” combat, as defined by the United States, then they may be eligible for some financial assistance to pay for in-home care.

The pension benefit is called Aid and Attendance. It can provide a couple thousand dollars a month or less, depending on the veteran, his or her needs, financial assets, and other factors to afford in-home care support.

Before reaching the point of burnout, the spouse who is offering care to their loved one should consider in-home care assistance. It doesn’t even have to be the veteran who requires assistance, but his or her spouse, too.

The sooner you begin an application for Aid and Attendance benefits, the sooner you can begin leaning on professional in-home care support, which can help any spouse avoid the harmful effects of caregiver burnout.


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