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Improving Safety in the Home After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care: Home Safety in Cudahy, WI
Alzheimer's and Dementia Care: Home Safety in Cudahy, WI

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis brings about many questions, especially when senior’s live alone. Because Alzheimer’s can affect their memory, cognitive function, and general functioning, it’s important to make necessary adjustments to the home to reduce potential risks. We’ll look at doable tactics and advice in this blog to make sure seniors with Alzheimer’s disease are safe at home. Additionally, we’ll explore how having Alzheimer’s care in the home can also help.

Understanding What Challenges Are at Play

It is crucial to recognize the unique challenges faced by people with Alzheimer’s before implementing any modifications. Accidental injuries might result from disorientation, memory loss, and difficulties doing daily duties. Having a conversation with the Alzheimer’s care team can assist in this understanding. From there, loved ones can modify their strategy for improving home security. Some common factors to consider are detailed below:

Safe Exits and Entrances: Make sure that there is security at every entry and exit. Installing locks that are simple to operate for caregivers but difficult for those with Alzheimer’s to unlock might be a good idea. For an additional degree of security, loved ones can think about utilizing sensors or sirens that alert the Alzheimer’s care team when doors are opened.

Focus on Lighting: Sufficient lighting is essential for reducing the risk of falls and enhancing visibility. Put energy-saving, bright LED lighting in stairwells, hallways, and other high-traffic areas. Particularly useful are motion-activated lights in spaces like toilets and bedrooms.

Pay Attention to Pathways: Eliminate trip hazards by keeping all possible tripping hazards out of the way. Keep all furniture organized so that it is simple to navigate, fasten loose rugs, and clear up debris. Elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease could find mobility increasingly difficult, so having a room free of obstructions is crucial.

Bathroom Modifications: Bathrooms can be especially dangerous. To help with stability, install hold bars by the toilet and in the shower. Think about using non-slip bath mats and an elevated toilet seat. Remember that people with Alzheimer’s may not be able to detect very hot or cold temperatures, so make sure the water temperature is controlled to avoid burns.

Kitchen Safety: To avoid unintentional burns, install safety measures on stoves and ovens. Keep sharp objects like knives, cleaning supplies, and prescription drugs locked up. For simple identification, clearly label drawers and cabinets.

Medication Administration: Think about utilizing a pill organizer that has spaces designated for every day of the week. For further safety and to avoid unintentional overdoses, keep all drugs out of sight and in a secure place. With home care in place, medication management can be easily monitored.

Companionship and Supervision: While seniors will still crave independence, it’s crucial to find the fine line between supervision and freedom. Working with the Alzheimer’s care team can assist with this and ensure that plans are made that offer dignity and respect.

It takes careful planning and ongoing adaptation to provide a safe home environment for elderly people with Alzheimer’s. Through the implementation of realistic safety measures and addressing specific issues connected with the disease, loved ones and the home care team can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries while simultaneously improving the quality of life for seniors.

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