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Alzheimer’s Disease and Preserving Memories

Reminiscence is one of the tools families and Alzheimer’s home care can use to help preserve the memories of the seniors they love who are battling Alzheimer’s disease.
Alzheimer's home care can help with a senior's care so you can work on preserving memories with them.
Alzheimer's home care can help with a senior's care so you can work on preserving memories with them.

Alzheimer’s disease brings with it so many different issues that families have to work through together. One that is particularly painful is often the memory loss that comes along with Alzheimer’s. Seniors stop remembering people they love and their experiences, which also erodes their identity and connections with other people.

Finding ways to preserve memories is a huge part of life with Alzheimer’s disease, and Alzheimer’s home care services can help families learn to cope.


Reminiscing and Alzheimer’s Patients

Reminiscence therapy involves helping seniors to recall past experiences and events, often ones with a significant emotional impact on aging adults. This type of activity offers some significant benefits for Alzheimer’s home care patients. Working on memories and reminiscing helps stimulate the brain and offers seniors comfort and security. This helps seniors maintain a sense of personal history and identity.


Creating Photo Albums and Memory Books

Memory books and photo albums are a tangible way for seniors and other family members to preserve memories. Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease often remember a lot about their earlier memories and can often recognize friends and family members in older pictures. Taking advantage of that information before it is lost forever forges connections between seniors and family members now.


Recording Life Stories

Another idea is to use video or audio tools to record a senior’s life stories, especially if they have Alzheimer’s disease. These recordings have the added benefit of capturing the information and the senior’s voice, expressions, and personal narratives. Alzheimer’s home care providers can help with these types of activities, prompting seniors to share stories as they come up naturally.


Making Reminiscence Easier

Alzheimer’s home care services are familiar with the various ways to help seniors connect with their memories and pasts. They can help families understand how reminiscence works and what they can do to prompt their aging adults to share more about what they remember. This is best done in a supportive and validating environment, and Alzheimer’s home care support can help create the right feel for seniors.


Honoring the Journey

Preserving these moments is about more than just capturing those moments before they disappear. This is a person’s life and memories from throughout their entire life. Finding ways to honor and support those challenges and adventures is important. Access to that information later allows family members to share their respect and appreciation for the senior’s identity and legacy even after they’re gone.


Alzheimer’s home care providers understand how complicated it can be to take care of a senior with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive illnesses. They also know how important it is for families to preserve as many of these memories as possible. Taking advantage of all of the various tools and techniques available can make what seems like a daunting task a lot easier to accomplish. And later, families will be so happy that they have these memories to look back on together and honor the seniors they loved.



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