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How Much Financial Assistance Could Veterans Qualify for Through Aid and Attendance Benefits?

In-Home Care: Veterans Financial Assistance in Aurora, CO
In-Home Care: Veterans Financial Assistance in Aurora, CO

Certain qualifying veterans may be eligible to receive financial assistance to pay for in-home care. In-home care is valuable for people who need assistance with daily activities. This doesn’t simply refer to seniors as the Aid and Attendance benefit can offer financial assistance to veterans of all ages.

The key is to focus on how much support and assistance a person requires, based on their age. For veterans under 65, they need to be considered completely disabled in order to qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits. For veterans 65 and over, they need only a documentable requirement for in-home care support. This is most commonly provided by their primary doctor.

So, how much financial help could an aging veteran receive through the Aid and Attendance benefit?

Based on 2022 numbers.

Veterans who are married and whose spouse and he or she both require in-home care support, they could be eligible to receive up to $3,253. That would be based on both seniors being veterans (in other words, both spouses have served in the United States military). For a veteran who is married to a non-veteran spouse, they could receive up to $2,431. A single veteran — one that is not married — may be eligible to receive up to $2,050 per month. A surviving spouse may receive up to $1,317 per month.

What is a surviving spouse?

This is a man or woman who was married to a qualifying veteran who had passed away. The surviving spouse, even though they may not have served in the United States military may still be eligible to receive Aid and Attendance benefits through the Veterans Administration.

How do veterans and their spouses/widows receive support?

A veteran and/or his or her surviving spouse must fill out an application for Aid and Attendance benefits. Being that there is a significant amount of financial resources at stake, there are, unfortunately, many unscrupulous firms and individuals who advertise their services for up to $10,000 or more in manipulating assets or filling out an application for these benefits.

They market their services to susceptible elderly individuals with the promise of potentially tens of thousands of dollars in benefits over the course of many years. In some cases, qualifying veterans could receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in support for in-home care services.

However, the Veteran’s Administration does have policies in place that prohibit paying for assistance filling out and submitting an application for Aid and Attendance and other benefits. If it is determined that assistance was paid for, the veteran and/or his or her surviving spouse may be disqualified from receiving benefits for a designated length of time as a result.

In short, the application process is relatively straightforward. What many firms and unscrupulous individuals advertise, though, is their ability to move assets and savings around to make sure the veteran’s overall net worth falls “below” the specific threshold as set forth by the Veteran’s Administration. This value can change from year to year, so check with your VA representative before submitting the application.


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